MailMorning email marketing software is brought to you by Getshop Today - a UK based eCommerce platform and a dropshipping service provider using automated API. We know that email marketing is and has always been one of the most effective and profitable marketing strategies – since the early days of internet until today. We also know that email sending as well as email validation services are expensive. Therefore, we at Getshop Today created MailMorning with all the email marketing solutions needed for eCommerce business owners and others.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section has everything you need to know.

MailMorning API integration takes 1-48h. It depends on many factors such as how smooth is communication between you and our technical team, the method of integration etc.
Please watch the video tutorial on how to verify email here.
Please watch the video tutorial on how to add tracking domains here.
Yes, you can. MailMorning supports extensive options for email automation.
Yes, you can import your own email list by uploading a file in csv format
Yes, MailMorning has a built-in email validation function.
No. MailMorning only supports sending emails to real subscribers. Also, bear in mind that you should not try to send email to people who are not your subscribers as this can cause your domain and/or IP to become blacklisted.
Yes, MailMorning has extensive reporting system that will allow you to see all user activities in detail.
You can cancel MailMorning subscription at any time. For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions.
MailMorning offers 14 days cooling off period which means you can cancel your subscription any time and get a refund. You will not however be eligible for any refund if after subscribing you do send out any emails within the 14 days of cooling off period. In addition to that the integration service charge is also non-refundable.